Christmas Gift Guide 2022

Posted by Freya Gilbert
on November 13, 2022

Grab yourself a cuppa and sit down to make your Christmas list with this year's Crafters Gift Guide! 

Enjoy a preview here, but don't forget to download the full 10-page guide to have a look through all the lovely sewing gifts, kits and events we have on offer.  Plenty of treats to ask Father Christmas for!

catalogue page, including mugs, books and prints

Sewist Mug £10 - Start as You Mean to Sew on Mug £10 - Notebooks £10 for two - Dressmakers Planner £12 - Sewing Print (Unframed) £10 - Learn to Love Your Overlocker Book £24


sewing gifts catalogue page

Organic cotton tote bags - Start as you mean to sew on £12 - Sewing Forever £12 - Organic Cotton T-shirt - Sewing Forever £20 - Start as you mean to sew on £20 - Wooden Scissors Jewellery - Large £15 - Small £15



sewing kits catalogue page

Bunting Kits £14 - Fabric Basket Kits £22 - Sleep Shorts Kit £18 - Apron Kit £18 - Make-Up Bag Kit £14 - Headband Kits £12


Download the full gift guide here

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