Me Made May 2019

Posted by Freya Gilbert
on April 04, 2019

So, Sarah, being 9 months pregnant, is being given a pass on Me Made May this year. But, I have decided to jump in head first and do my most challenging Me Made May yet!

Me made may 2019

Me Made May (MMM for short) is organised by Zoe from the blog 'So, Zo ...' and it is in it's tenth year!  I first joined in with MMM in 2013, and challenged myself to wear one item of handmade clothing each day.  This has since become my normal rate of wear, so I've had to challenge myself with something a little harder this time.

Zoe explains MMM the best- 

"Me-Made-May is a challenge designed to encourage people who make their own clothes to develop a better relationship with their handmade wardrobe. You set the specifics of your own challenge to make it suitable and useful for YOU. However, one very common pledge is for a participant to aim to wear one self-stitched or refashioned garment each day for the duration of May. "

You can read more about how to join in on Zoe's blog here and I would highly recommend you challenge yourself in any way that suits you.  How about pledging to wear each of your handmade clothes once in May?  Or dress handmade at weekends?  Or, like I did for my first time, pledge to wear a single item of me made each day?

Me made made badge

Well, so, what am I pledging?! 

I, Freya May of Crafty Sew & So, pledge to wear exclusively Me Made clothes for the whole of May.  Underwear permitted.

EEEK! I do have a lot of handmade clothes, but I usually wear a mixture of me made and RTW.  I'm going to pack up all my RTW clothes, so I'm not even tempted to use them.  I think the trickiest part will be if it gets cold- I love a warm jumper!

I'll be sharing my outfits as often as I remember to on our Instagram stories, so do follow us on there if you can.

Freya x

*Images from So, Zo... Blog.