Sewing for Charity - Ideas and Links

Posted by Freya Gilbert
on April 10, 2020

During this difficult time, we all want to feel useful and productive, like we can contribute a little something to help the world get better again.


There are a number of charities which ask for handmade items to be sent in.  Here are some charities in the UK who would be so grateful for any and all support.  Some are asking for sewn items, others knitted and some ask for supplies. Have a read, and let us know what you're sewing up to help!


Project Linus

Project Linus

Project Linus is a fab charity which makes beautiful quilts for children and teenagers who are sick or traumatised, offering them a sense of security and comfort.  We send off our unused scrap fabrics from workshops and our personal projects to our local group, so they can be made up by local quilters.  

They also accept knitted blankets, and have a library of FREE patterns on their website to help you get started.


Pyjama Fairies

pyjama fairies

Pyjama Fairies offer children spending time in hospital fun, handmade pyjamas to wear instead of hospital standard issue.  A pattern is provided for you to sew in sizes 0-6m through to 16 years.  We spent a day sewing pyjamas in the shop about 4 years ago, as a free drop in session - it was so much fun and I think we made about 10 or 12 pairs with customers help! 

Pyjama Fairies have high quality control standards, for safety, and have been designed with health care professionals so they are ideal for children in hospitals to wear.




Morsbags are a great way you can get other members of your family sewing too - if you can persuade them!  They're a simple tote bag, designed to replace plastic bags and BE GIVEN AWAY! That's the key.  A lot of us will have hundreds of tote bags, but by giving away Morsbags you are encouraging other people to be more conscientious too.

Our local zero waste shop often has a pile of morsbags ready to be given away, but you could gift them to your neighbours or, when everything opens up again, offer them to your local charity shop, library or community shop to be given away for free.

The website offers a simple pattern and instructions to follow if you need.  And you can buy labels, but they're not essential.


Dress A Girl Around the World

dress a girl around the world

Every little girl has the right to wear a dress, and Dress a Girl Around the World send out dresses to girls all over the world.  A dress of their own tells the girls they are deserving of dignity and respect.  Sew a simple 'pillow case' style dress and send it off to a little girl who will love it!


Knitted Breasts for LCGB

If you're a knitter or crochetter (If that's the right term!) you can use up your ends of balls and knit breasts! The Lactation Consultants of Great Britain use knitted breasts to show pregnant mothers how to breastfeed build their confidence.  The FREE pattern is available here and they take very little time to come together!  You don't even need flesh coloured yarn- rainbow boobs work just as well!