Our Favourite Stocking Filler Ideas for Modern Sewists

Posted by Freya Gilbert
on November 29, 2018

I think there is a formula to putting together the perfect Christmas stocking.  In my family it's the only presents we open until after Church so they act like the taster for the rest of the day.

The perfect stocking holds a mixture of things. I always try to include something to eat, something to play with, something to do, something useful and something silly.  Along side the essential Chocolate Orange, here are few things I think would fit in nicely to a crafters stocking this Christmas:

Under £10

Creative Stocking Fillers under £10

Clockwise from bottom left - Bauble Craft Kits  - Prym Love Haberdashery - Stork Scissors - Seamstress Pins - Kylie and the Machine Labels


 Under £5

Stocking Fillers for sewers under £5

Crochet Tape Measure - Snips - Mini Scissors Jilly Jilly Mirror - Pin Tin - Wrist Pin Cushion


Don't forgot you get FREE DELIVERY with all orders over £30!  

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