Four reasons we LOVE the Brother f420 (and you will too!)

Posted by Freya Gilbert
on April 01, 2018

We’ve been using the Brother f420 sewing machines in our workshops for the last 4 years, and still can’t get over how enjoyable they are to sew with.  Everyone who sews with one is surprised by how easy it to sew with, and we use them every day for sampling as well as in workshops. 

I thought I'd take a moment to tell you exactly what we like about these machines, as they really are our favourites!

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1. It’s full of awesome features

From the automatic needle threader, to the Square Feed Drive System which allows the machine to handle any fabric you throw at it, the f420 makes sewing so easy.  We’ve recently ran a jean making workshop and these machines took the multiple layers of denim with ease.

2. The Stitch options!

The f420 has a lot of stitches, 140 to be precise, which can be a little over whelming.  But take a closer look and you’ll see that it has a great selection for whatever project you’re working on. 

Are you a dressmaker?  The f420 has 10 different button hole styles, it includes all your essential stitches like the over casting stitch, bar tacks, blind hemming and three step zig zags.

Are you a quilter?  You’ll find a mock hand stitch and blanket stitch for a professional finish on applique and all the decorative stitches are perfect for adding a little something extra to your projects.

The f420 is capable of up to 850 stitches per second, and has a speed control dial for complete control.

It also has lettering stitches, so whatever you sew, you can stitch your own labels on the machine too.

3. Auto-thread cutter and knee lift.

Our absolute favourite luxury feature is the auto–thread cutter. This nifty feature not only cuts your threads but also brings them through to the back of your project which is ideal for quilting and any project where the underside of the stitching will be seen creating a really neat and professional finish.

It also has a knee lift function, similar to the Brother machines used in industry.  This lets you lift the presser foot without taking your hands off the project you're working on- so handy for intricate sewing and large projects!

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4. Anyone can use it!

We’ve used this machine in our beginner’s workshops and with children as young as 6 years old! Seriously, despite the seemingly intimidating array of options, this machine is deceptively simple to use.  The touch screen lets you easily select your stitches, the speed control allows you to set a maximum speed, and the ‘go’ button means you can even use it without a foot peddle! 

 If you like the sound of this wonderful machine then contact us to arrange a test drive - we love showing them off so please do come in to see us and discover the Brother Innovis F420 for yourself!
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On Vivien Lee commented …

I’m interested in the Brother innovis f420, but I can’t see anywhere how many stitches per minute it does.
Is that something you coyote tell me please?
Thank you.

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