Tie-Dye with Kiwi and the Bear

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In this fun hands-on workshop, you will enjoy learning a variety of modern tie-dye techniques.
Learn how to use various resist techniques to tie-dye fabrics.
You’ll tie dye some plain cotton fabrics which can be used in your own personal projects and a tote bag to take away with you. Feel free to bring any other small cotton or natural fibre items (white or light coloured natural fabrics dye best) to dye such as underwear, vest tops, tea towels, napkins etc
We believe tie-dye and embroidery are for everyone and we would love to show you how we take these traditional crafts and use them in untraditional ways so you can go and make it your own, in your own way.
During the workshop you will learn how to:
  • Dye fabrics using resist techniques
  • Use bottles and dye stuffs with very little mess
What's included?
  • Fabric and dye
  • Fabrics and a tote bag
  • Elastic Bands, tools for Shibori tie dye techniques
What do I need to bring?
  • Any natural fibre items you'd like to dye!  Ideas include t-shirts, tote bags, kickers, babygrows or fabric to make in to a garment!
  • Please wear old clothes and bring an apron/protective clothing if you wish

Suitable for: Level 1 (Complete Beginner)

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