Meet the Tutors

At Crafty Sew&So we pride ourselves on delivering top quality workshops delivered by our knowledgable, friendly and enthusiastic tutors! 

Sarah Wadey

Sarah is the founder and partner of Crafty Sew & So and designer of My Handmade Wardrobe Patterns. Sarah has been sewing for over 20 years, has a degree in Fashion Design and has worked in the design industry for over 10 years.  Sarah is passionate about encouraging learning by sharing her skills with others.

Tracy Corns

Tracy runs an embroidery and sewing business called “Sew Nothing's Impossible” and she teaches sewing at a range of venues in Leicestershire.  Tracy has been sewing since childhood and loves making unique items, using beautiful fabric combinations.

Tracy has been teaching at Crafty Sew&So since 2016 and runs the Tuesday night Sewing Club along with teaching many of our dressmaking, homewares and private lessons.


Elizabeth Goodge 

Elizabeth is passionate about working with textiles and enjoys finding little cheats to make quilting more efficient and fun. She particularly enjoys free motion quilting and teaching this fabulous technique to others.

"Teaching quilting to others and inspiring them to start their own quilting journey is one of the best experiences. I love all forms of quilting and I'd be delighted to share them with you."

Elizabeth teaches our Patchwork and Quilting workshops at Crafty Sew&So.


Emma Smith

I graduated a with a degree in Fashion and Textiles and spent about 8 years working in the industry locally-  I was lucky to work in design and development for several factories around Leicestershire and Birmingham.
Over the years I have worked in the textile industry I have been lucky to work with some very talented people and have picked up quite a few manufacturing techniques that can translate into dressmaking. I am a voracious sewist and spend as much spare time as I can - sewing mainly for pleasure. The relocation that I mentioned afforded me the luxury to be able to have my own dedicated sewing room (my happy place), and although my husband thinks its a little chaotic (I maintain that it's creative!) I am able to spend a lot of time using my (many) machines.


Kim Burley Jones

photo of kim

Kim has been sewing for almost 50 years, and teaching for the last 35.  Ever patient and always willing to go the extra mile, Kim teaches our beginners workshops, both online and in person.  Kim is working on sewing her dream wardrobe with a focus on sustainability, while also sewing for her two granddaughters as they keep growing!

Kim also manages the Crafty Bloggers Club and helps behind the scenes on any project we need an extra pair of hands for - quite the superwoman!

If you would like to know any more about our tutors or book a private lesson, please contact us