Crafty Sew & So Hardwood Tailors Clapper and Point Presser

We're very excited to stock these beautiful tailors clappers, handmade by a local craftsman.


If you plan on sewing your own coats, jeans or tailoring, this is an essential piece of equipment to help you flatten bulky seams.

The pointed top has a narrow surface, allowing you to press those difficult to reach areas, such as cuffs, collar points and lapels.  You can use plenty of steam to set seams, as the hardwood will absorb the steam and give a professional finish you the project. 

The flat base is the 'clapper' and is used to help set seams, pleats, creases, darts and to flatten out bulk in seams when using heavy fabrics.

To use the clapper, first apply a lot of steam to the seam and press down firmly with the flat base of the clapper.  Hold it in place until the steam has cooled right down.  

*When working with steam, we always recommend using a pressing cloth to avoid damaging the fabrics you're using.*


  • Base length 24cm
  • Handle length 28cm
  • Overall height 10cm
  • Wood - Steamed Beech

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