Crafty Bloggers Club: Rhiannon's Eloise Dress

Posted by Freya Gilbert
on September 16, 2018

Our first Crafty Bloggers Club post is from Rhiannon, you can find more of her makes on Instagram @RhiannonBrum and on her blog


I was really excited when Freya and Sarah asked me to be a part of the Crafty Sew and So bloggers team, and couldn’t wait to get started. The big question for me though was where to start; there are so many gorgeous fabrics in their store and on their website that I felt like a child in a sweet shop, wondering what to use my precious pocket money on.

Handily, I had a little bit of an idea in my head, as By Hand London had launched their most recent pattern – the Eloise dress – that very week. The ruffles were calling out to me, and I knew I needed something soft and drapey to do them justice.

Crafty bloggers club rhiannons september make

After a bit of back and forth, I chose this wonderful floral viscose, and I am so pleased I did. It’s got a big print (a must for me) but it’s not too over-powering and this lets the dress really shine. It’s also  super soft, which is fabulous for an autumn item; at this time of year, as the days are still warm but the nights are chillier, having something that can work well for bot his a definite bonus.

When it came to constructing the dress, I made a few alterations to the pattern, but they were all very straightforward and easy to replicate. The first was that I wanted the ruffle to start at the elbow, not the cuffs, as I wanted something that would give me day-time glamour without trailing in my lunch. For similar reasons, rather than a full length maxi, I wanted the hem of the dress to hit just below the knee.

Crafty bloggers club rhiannons september make

With that in mind, I made a very simple toile (so simple it only had one sleeve…). To get the sleeve length I literally drew a line on my arm to mark where my elbow was, and then matched the mark on to the pattern piece and drew a line. The hem length was a combination of measuring the length of the ruffle piece, knowing I wanted a c.60cm skirt, figuring out where from my waist this would make the seam, marking it and cutting again. Like I say, this was not complicated!


Crafty bloggers club rhiannons september make

Once I’d made my alterations, the dress was really easy and really fast to construct; I knew I wanted to make the dress to wear out for a Friday date night eating raclette (another reason for those shorter sleeves!), and that happened even though I wasn’t able to start sewing until the Thursday. I’m a big fan of patterns that are no fuss, and Eloise is definitely going to find its way on to that list. I’ve already got a couple of plans in my head for future makes, which may or may not include a rather glamorous Vampire Wife inspired dress for The Dressmaker’s Ball (but you’ll have to come along to see if it becomes a reality!).

I hope you’ve enjoyed my first make for the blog team, and I can’t wait to see what the next project holds in store; I hope you’ll join me!

Crafty bloggers club rhiannons september make


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