About Crafty Sew & So

Crafty Sew & So is all about getting people creating, making and sewing.  Meet Sarah and Freya, the team behind Crafty Sew & So:


sarah wadey freya gilbert crafty sew and so  Leicester sewing haberdashery

Sarah studied fashion design in London, and has 10 years of experience designing for top high street brands.  She loves creating and feels at home surrounded by other creative minds, and set up this business because she wanted to inspire more people to have a go and make things.  

Freya has over 10 years of experience working for various high street retailers, including TK Maxx and John Lewis, and has dreamt about opening an independent craft shop for years.  Freya is a self-taught seamstress, blogger and enthusiastic ‘have-a-go’ type person.  She enjoys learning new skills challenging herself with more difficult projects.

Freya and Sarah met at a sewing workshop in 2014 and they discussed their dreams of opening a workshop space and haberdashery shop.  They explored the opportunities for developing a new business in the heart of Leicester and arranged to become a dealership for Brother sewing machines.  In September 2015, they joined forces to open Crafty Sew & So- Workshop and Haberdashery in Leicester City Centre to bring you a range of exciting crafty opportunities and a beautiful range of sewing equipment and fabrics.

Crafty Sew & So aims to inspire everyone who walks through the door to pick up a new hobby or develop their skills in an old one.  We offer workshops in a wide range of crafts and we are excited to be able to widen our range as we go. ​