Crafty Bloggers Club - Angela's Shelby Romper

Posted by Freya Gilbert
on August 09, 2020

This weeks Crafty Bloggers Club post is from Angela, you can find more of her makes on Youtube and Instagram @devon.threadtails


I was soooo excited to be asked to do a blog post for Crafty Sew and So. When I looked through their fabric, I had a bit of a difficult choice! It was all so bloomin lovely!  I did change my mind a lot, but in the end whittled it down to a couple, sticking with colours that I know really suited me.

I ended up going for Royal Terrazzo Viscose. When I went to school my uniform was royal blue, and since I left 273,584,336 years ago, I've avoided it like the plague! But a very good friend of mine has convinced me that royal blue suits me a lot, so I was determined to embrace it again.

When the fabric arrived I wasn't disappointed, the colours were so vibrant and beautiful and the fabric soft and buttery. It was going to be a perfect choice for the pattern I had chosen, the True Bias Shelby Romper. I have not made this before, but was so excited to make it up, after seeing so many beautiful versions online. The pattern is fabulous as it is actually 4 patterns. A short or long romper and a short or long dress.
True Bias Shelby Dress

I did a lot of research on choosing the right size as I did not want to make a toile (yes, I'm lazy!) my measurements are bust 36", waist 30" and hips 37" (although over lockdown I'm pretty sure I've expended a little, oops) but I made the straight size 8 in the end.  Whilst researching through I read a lot of people who said they wish they had put pockets in, so I scanned through my instructions and made sure to write at what point the pockets would be added, and pinched a pattern piece from another pattern! I then pinned the entire romper together, and tried it on extremely carefully, and placed my hands where it felt right and comfortable for pockets to be, marked it on the fabric, and transferred it onto the pattern pieces.
Then on with the sewing. I used iron on stay tape in replacement of stay stitching the neckline front and back, and found this worked very well. I totally took my time, to be precise and neat, and make sure all markings were on the fabric accurately. However, what I will say, is, this is actually a really simple sew, lots of pieces to put together, but nothing awkward or difficult. I felt it went together like a dream.
True Bias Shelby Dress

I used a rouleau loop turner to turn the thin straps for the ties at the back. I don't normally like garments with ties at the back because I feel they can be uncomfortable, but these are so light and small I can't even feel them.

The last stage of sewing was the buttonholes. Oh, how I dread buttonholes. My garment is made up, I'm so please with how it's looking, and in a matter of a few stitches it could go horribly wrong!!! But..... I did my buttonholes this time with a little stitch and tear under each segment, and it worked brilliantly, especially as this is light fabric. Phew!
Crafty Bloggers Club Shelby Dress

I hadn't considered anything other than covered buttons, and I'm so pleased with the results. I used my new Prym cover button tool, which made them so easy to do, and they look really smart. I love how these buttons don't interfere with the print at all.

I had tried to line the pattern up as best I could, but not particularly pattern match, however by fluke it does seem like the pattern goes across the whole romper really well.
Crafty Bloggers Club Shelby Dress

All in all, this has been a fabulous make. I absolutely love this fabric, the colours and the texture. The pattern is so great too, and I can see that I will be making many more in the future - and if possible this summer!!!
Crafty Bloggers Club Shelby Dress

Thanks so much again the Crafty Sew and So for letting me join in with your blogging team, it has been great.

Take care everyone, hope you have some great projects you're all working on.
Angela xxx


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