Crafty Bloggers' Club - Kim's Jersey Everyday Amazing Top

Posted by Kim Burley Jones
on January 24, 2021

This weeks Crafty Bloggers' Club post is from Kim. You can find more of her makes on Instagram @kimmy_lizzy_sews

Hi! I'm Kim, I'm Freya's mum, and I'm a passionate member of Team Crafty! 

Crafty Bloggers' Club model wears an Everyday Amazing Top

I've been wanting to make myself an Everyday Amazing Top , a pattern created by My Handmade Wardrobe, for some time, and as the weather is pretty chilly, I was delighted when I saw that Jersey fabric was listed as suitable for this pattern. I chose a lovely, soft, sweatshirting fabric called "Loop-backed French Terry" in a warm grey tone and I decided to add Poppy Cuff Ribbing at the wrists to add something different to the design. I'm glad I did because they make the garment even more snuggly and I think they look great!

I love the simple lines of the Everyday Amazing Top pattern. It has darts and slight gathers at the armholes, but overall it is very beginner-friendly, the instructions are very clear, and the pattern gives new sewists a chance to build their confidence. I love the softness of loop-backed French Terry - and it is really easy to work with because it's quite stable - it doesn't roll much at the edges, and it doesn't shift much at the cutting out stage. I found the lay plans in the pattern easy to read, and to make this top I only needed to use 1.5 metres of fabric.

Poppy Cuff Ribbing jersey fabric and jersey needles

The first step is to stay-stitch the curved edges of the neckline and armhole, and then to finish the long edges of the front, back and sleeves and around the lower edge of the facing. I bought myself an overlocker last year, and I love that I can give the edges of the fabric a professional looking finish, but this can be done using a zig zag, or overcasting stitch on a sewing machine. The next step was to join the front and back pieces at the shoulders. I decided to add a strip of ribbon at this seam, to stop it from stretching.

Sewing machine with grey jersey and ribbon

The instructions say that you can finish off the neckline of the long-sleeved version of the top with bias binding, but I decided to add the facing provided for the short sleeved version because I wanted extra thickness for my embroidery motif (I hadn't decided whether to use the machine for the embroidery or sew it on by hand at that point) and so I trimmed the facing piece in situ, so it did not extend to the armholes.

Trimming the facing of the Everyday Amazing Top

 After attaching the facing, I topstitched around the neckline with a small zigzag (testing my zig zag widths and lengths on a scrap piece of jersey first!)  Next to choose a button. I had a few options. I love delving into my button box to see what might suit a project. I have my Nana's button box, and some of her buttons are still in there! I knew I wanted a big one to stand out at the back fastening when I wear it with my hair up, and I chose a chunky black one to echo the black stripe in the cuffing.

An array of buttons for the Everyday Amazing top

The sleeves went in quite easily. I needed to create 2 rows of stitching for the gathers at the shoulder, but there wasn't an awful lot of fabric to ease into place, so it was relatively straightforward. I used a long straight stitch to 'tack' the sleeve into place, as this is so much easier to unpick if things go wrong! I was happy with how the sleeves looked so I stitched them in properly with the stretch or "lightening" stitch on my sewing machine. I really enjoyed sewing the long seam along the arms from the cuffs up to the underarm and straight down the sides of the garment - it was very quick and satisfying, and then I could try it on!

Crafty Bloggers' Club model sits in her kitchen wearing her Everyday Amazing Top

And so - onto the cuffing! It was the first time I had used Poppy ribbing, and I was please that it was so uncomplicated. I used my overlocker to join the two short ends, then I matched this seam to the seam on my sleeve, then I used the quadrant method and pins to identify the 4 points where I needed to join the pieces. Again, I used a long straight stitch to 'tack' the pieces together, and once I was happy with the join, I used the stretch or "lightening" stitch to sew them firmly together.

When I tried on the garment, I felt the scoop along the back was too deep for me - I'm only 5ft 3in - so I decided to reduce the length. I kept the curve, though, as it it one of the features I really like about this pattern. Hemming the garment was very easy, and I used the same zig zag stitch along the hem as I had used to topstitch the neckline.

Crafty Blogger's Club model shows the back view of the Everyday Amazing Top

Finally it was time to do some embroidery at the neckline, using black thread to echo the black stripe in the ribbing I used on the cuff. I spent a pleasant hour looking at ideas on Pinterest and finally decided on this little circular flower motif:

Flower motif detail on an Everyday Amazing Top

And to finish it all off, I added a "Hand Made" label on the hem of my lovely top.

label detail on the Everyday Amazing Top

I am thrilled with my Everyday AmazingTop, and I expect to wear it a lot - teaming it with black jeans and occasionally with smart black trousers. I will be able layer it, and I can see me wearing it with a scarf, or with a higher neck t shirt underneath, or a cardigan on top. I plan to make another one - probably with short sleeves and a ruffle - using a floaty viscose fabric, to wear in the warmer weather.  And I'm going to use the same pattern to make the shift dress for a cool Summer garment!

Crafty Bloggers' Club model wears Everyday Amazing Top

Seeing my top hanging up in our bedroom my husband exclaimed "That's lovely! You could sell those!"  I replied, "I'm not selling it! I love it and it took hours to make!".  You have to laugh at people who don't realize that we sew for the love of building a handmade wardrobe!!

Everyday Amazing Top in grey jersey fabric

Thank you for reading my blog post - if you decide to make an Everyday Amazing Top or Dress do share a photo with me and the other crafty people on the Facebook page 'The Crafty Sew and So's - Sewing and Craft Community'. Happy sewing everyone!


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