Crafty Bloggers Club - Rebekah's Stevie Top

Posted by Bekki Graves
on April 05, 2020

This weeks Crafty Bloggers Club post is from Rebekah, you can find more of her makes on Instagram @rebekah_creates

Hello everyone and welcome to my very first post for Crafty Bloggers Club. I've been a part of the Crafty Sew & So team since we opened the shop in St. Martins Square. Those wonderful  ladies have taught me everything I know about sewing.

One of my favourite things about working in the shop is delivery day. When this beautiful Cobra Corsage came in I knew it had to be mine. The subtle snake and beetle design hidden amongst roses and butterflies called to the goth I used to be. It scratches that rebellious itch whilst still looking sophisticated. I missed out when we had the same print in scuba a while back and would not let it happen again.

Crafty Bloggers Club Stevie Top


It took me a little while to decide what I wanted to make. I was tempted to make some Megan Nielson Flint trousers but landed on the Stevie dress from Tilly and the Buttons, as it's such a simple pattern and really shows off the print. The fabric is surprisingly easy to cut Considering it's 96% Viscose, the remaining 4% is spandex so there's a little stretch for wearing ease. It has a beautiful drape, without being too wobbly to manage.

I made a couple of minor changes to the pattern - all noted down in my ever so helpful Handmade Wardrobe Dressmakers Planner so I can remember them for next time. Tilly's patterns are always way too wide on the hips for me so I drew a line between the sizes for a better fit. (Size four down to three at the hips, if you're interested.) And I decided to go with French Seams as it's a neat finish for slinky fabrics.

Crafty Bloggers Club Stevie Top  

Another alteration I made is to the back ties.  They're actually very small on the original pattern and I wanted to make more of a statement. The weight brings the back to a nice V shape. However It's also brought the neck a bit higher as the weight drags it back. It's still very comfy to wear and I don't find the high neck to be a problem. If I decide it drags too much I'll just cut the bow shorter and hand finish with an invisible stitch.

Crafty Bloggers Club Stevie Top  

The cuffs are a pleasing detail and the little bit of stretch makes it really comfy to move about in. Overall I'm very happy with this make! The simple design means it can either be formal or casual, even with wellies in the garden! My husband and I had a lot of fun out in my In-laws garden. the sun was shining and there was a gentle breeze. As things go, not a bad place to be stuck. I look forward to having a few more Stevie's in my wardrobe. It came together so quickly.



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