Crafty Bloggers Club - Rudy's Fairfield Shirt

Posted by Freya Gilbert
on May 31, 2020

This weeks Crafty Bloggers Club post is from Rudy, you can find more of her makes on Instagram @roodlesrunique

A little while ago I was looking at my husbands shirts desperate to find something floaty and oversized to wear and realised I could use a pattern I already have to try and recreate something perfect!  The pattern I have is the Fairfield by Thread Theory. I have made a couple of these for my husband and I've always found the instructions super useful so I thought I'd give it a try!
Crafty Bloggers Club - Rufy's Fairfield Shirt
 First up was the measurements.  This is a men's pattern so some adjustments were going to be needed. Previously I have made my husband the XL with the round belly add on, but obviously that wasn't going to work for me. I used my bust measurement as the chest measurement and cut out a size XXXL. This did make the shoulders very wide but I'll come onto that later.
Crafty Bloggers Club - Rudy's Fairfield Shirt
I cut out my pieces and decided I didn't want to add the sleeves on so I had to come up with a way of finishing the raw edges. The fabric I've chosen for this make (Coral check cotton now sold out but the navy is still available) from Crafty Sew & So has a lovely drape to it. I would have called it cheese clothe type fabric because it almost has a linen feel but it very soft and i can imagine it will be lovely and cool in the summer.
Then I put together the pieces.  The instructions for the burrito method in the Fairfield are the best I've seen. They are super useful, and for someone who hasn't made a lot of a shirts, this was definitely reassuring.  I sewed everything up to the shoulders and then decided what to do about my raw edges. I decided to do a kind of Hong Kong bound seam, and use bias binding to finish the entire side seam.
  Crafty Bloggers Club - Rudy's Fairfield Shirt
 This also meant I could leave the bottom few inches of the side seam open, allowing space for my big bum and making it more floaty. Once the side seams were all bound I sewed the side seams from the under arm to 4" from the end. 
The collar, whilst it looks the most daunting bit, is surprisingly easy. Perhaps it's the Fairfield instructions but I'm really pleased with how mine turned out! The collar was the only bit i used the recommended interfacing on because I was going for the floaty effect, so omitted it from the button band. I also omitted buttons! I can't see myself doing this shirt up any time soon, and as I don't have the matching buttons and no way of getting them in lockdown I decided not to give myself the stress of button holes!
Crafty Bloggers Club - Rudy's Fairfield Shirt
 I think this fabric is a brilliant pairing for the Fairfield pattern. It would be great for a mens casual shirt too and they have it in a blue colourway if that's more their thing. The orange really suits my skin tone as I wear a lot of orange and yellows so this has been brightening up my lockdown wardrobe! The fabric would also be great for any blouse pattern, especially one with big billowy sleeves as it will hold a little structure but still move with you. It would make a lovely shirt dress, or even a nice cool jumpsuit. 
Crafty Bloggers Club - Rudy's Fairfield Shirt
I left the full length of the bodice so I can wear it down or tied up. With the wide shoulders, it's going to be great for keeping the sun off my shoulders in the summer but being cool enough for the rest of me. Also tied up gives it a very on-trend feel which you are seeing in the high street a lot at the moment, so I have a double whammy of a shirt. If I make it again, i will bring the shoulders in a little so it was more of a ladies shape, but as it is it's just what i was thinking of! I hope you like it!


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