Crafty Bloggers Club: Rudy's York Pinafore

Posted by Freya Gilbert
on September 30, 2018

This weeks Crafty Bloggers Club post is from Rudy, you can find more of her makes on Instagram @roodlerunique and on her blog


Hello everyone! I'm Rudy of Roodles Runique and I'm so excited to get started on blogging for Crafty Sew and So. It took a while to go through all the amazing fabrics and I picked a few and had a conversation with Freya about my choices and pattern options. I suggested I wanted to make the Helen's Closet York Pinafore and she suggested this Stretch Twill fabric, which I would never have normally picked.. (I’m all about the prints!) but loved the idea of a pink stretch pinafore.

 I am SO glad it was suggested! The colours on the website do not do this fabric justice, it's kind of a burnt pale pinky colour which is subtle enough but equally beautiful! The stretch is the perfect amount to make it comfy to wear and flattering on my shape. Also sewing with it was very easy as it behaved almost like a cotton without the stretch, so I just plonked my walking foot on, as i do for everything, and sewed away!

 rudys crafty bloggers club make

This is my first York Pinafore and I think I may be a convert from my beloved Cleo pattern. This pattern hugs in the right places but is baggy where it needs to be giving me a lovely silhouette. The pocket placement I used as well draws your eyes away from my tummy and makes it even more flattering! I made the higher necked version with the longer hem so a mashup of view A and B with the rounded pockets.

rudys crafty bloggers club pink twill fabric

I used a new trick for my top stitching which I hadn't heard of before but say on Amy (@almondrocks_sews) posts for SewPhotoHop tips! I used my blind hem foot which guiding me around the edges of the pockets effortlessly and kept an even distance all the way around the curves. It's also the first time I've bias bound any edges too. I have to admit I'm the queen of bodging it, normally if it says to bias bind the edges I’m like, YOLO and just fold it over and hem it! but this time I could see it was going to be something I’d wear a lot and wanted plenty of life out of so I did as I was told! The insides are as beautiful as the outsides for I think only the second time ever on something I have made!

 rudys crafty bloggers club pink twill fabric

I wore my dress to the Handmade fair at the weekend and it was perfect! Nice big pockets to put my purse in (see short arms long pockets ;) or an attempt so I didn’t buy ALL the fabric!) and my phone for quick shots of things I want to put on my Christmas list. I could layer it up with a long sleeved top as it was chilly when I set off in the morning and I dressed it down with leggings and converse. It would be really easy to dress up too as you could put a shirt under and make it smart. My apologies for the creased nature in the pictures but I think that adds to the comfortable look!

 The fabric I used has a lovely amount of structure to it, a similar weight to stretch denim so I think it would make a perfect Cleo, or even some trousers if you wanted. I’ve tried to capture how lovely the colour is but trust me it is amazing! Go get yourselves some lovely fabric!



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