Crafty Bloggers Club - Sharlene's MHW Pleated Skirt

Posted by Freya Gilbert
on September 21, 2020

This weeks Crafty Bloggers Club post is from Sharlene, you can find more of her makes on Instagram @sosewdressmaking 

Hi everyone! I’m Sharlene from S.O. Sew Dressmaking and welcome to my first blog for the Crafty Sew&So Crafty Bloggers Club. 

I chose this beautiful Lady McElroy viscose called ‘Blush Blooms’ for my blog post. I had had my eye on this fabric since I first saw it so it was an easy decision to make. The colours are perfect for all seasons and I could see it matching so many options in my wardrobe. 

For the pattern I choose one by My Handmade Wardrobe- ‘All The Cute Skirts’. This pattern is amazing for sewists of all levels, with 4 different options and lots of potential for hacking. I have wanted a maxi skirt for a while now that I would be able to style with sandals and a T-shirt during summer or layer up with boots, tights and a chunky jumper come winter. I love pleated skirts so choose view from the pattern, but lengthened the pattern by 30cm. I had 2 meters of fabric so this fit perfectly along the length and I cut the waistband on the cross grain. I felt comfortable doing this as I knew it would be interfaced. 


Crafty Bloggers Club MHW Pleated Skirt


The other change I made to the pattern was to add a pocket. Typically I would add 2 but as this skirt has a side zip I just went with one this time. When making it again I might cut the back piece in 2 (as opposed to 1 on the fold) so I could insert the zip in the centre back seam and have 2 pockets then. 


Crafty Bloggers Club MHW Pleated Skirt


Drafting the pocket was very simple. You could use a pocket from a similar pattern if you like as well.

When inserting an inseam pocket in a skirt or dress with a waistband or waist seam I always anchor it into the seam so it doesn’t pull on the shape too much. After this my main concern is if I can fit my phone and car keys in it! So I have these on hand to check if the size is right. You can see the shape I use in the image below, I lay a piece of pattern paper on top of the skirt at the side seam and trace around it with a curved shape at the bottom.


Crafty Bloggers Club MHW Pleated Skirt


When attaching the pocket to the skirt the first step was to overlock the curved edge. I then attached it to the right hand side of each skirt piece, right sides together, before overlocking the side seams so I could overlock them both together. This method gives the cleanest finish. When sewing this side together I started sewing 1.5cm down, then pivoted across the top of the pocket and around it, then down the side seam. The top of the pocket is then basted and sewn with the waistband, anchoring it in place. 


Crafty Bloggers Club MHW Pleated Skirt


This skirt has turned out exactly as I was hoping it would. I have already wore it to an open farm with my kids and on the school run with a band tee and leather biker jacket. I love this look and feel comfortable, stylish and very me. 

I have also tried it with a chunky jumper and boots and I know I will wear it right through the winter with tights. 

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post.

Thank you for reading and happy sewing, Sharlene xx



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