Crafty Bloggers Club - Vicky's Marilla Walker Roberts Collection Dungarees

Posted by Freya Gilbert
on June 16, 2019

This week's Crafty Bloggers Club post is from Vicky, you can find more of her makes on Instagram @sewlittlesparrow and on her blog

When the call went out for what fabric to choose for my latest blog make I was spoilt but I’ve been on a mission recently to find more green fabrics.  I love green but I don’t have many green items in my wardrobe or have much green in my stash.  
So I was really pleased to spot a gorgeous forest green linen style fabric.  It’s called 'ramie' which is basically like a linen but I think it has more structure to it.  It’s not a drapey fabric and while it’s not quite as heavy as a jeans weight denim I would say it’s definitely on the heavier side of a medium weight fabric.
I immediately knew what I was going to make, which is pretty good for me as I suffer from major indecisiveness when it comes to deciding on a pattern versus fabric! 
Marilla Walker Roberts Collection Dungaress
While I’ve already made the dress version, I have been lusting over the Marilla Walker Roberts Collection Dungarees for ages after seeing some gorgeous versions, including by my fellow Crafty Blogger Dani (@pocketortwo).  
The ‘trouser’ version of this pattern has two styles, one being a dungaree and the other a jumpsuit.  I knew this fabric would be absolutely perfect for the jumpsuit version.  The end result has turned out perfect and just what I had envisaged.

Marilla Walker Roberts Collection Dungaress
The pattern features a V-necked button down front with capped sleeves.  There are front pleats in the trouser leg to give a teeny bit of shaping, although the legs are pretty relaxed.  They taper in slightly towards the ankles and are designed to be worn with a turn up. And of course there are pockets!
Marilla Walker Roberts Collection Dungaress
I usually range between 3 sizes on most patterns with the bust being the smallest, then waist then hips. Although the style is described as “oversized and baggy with a dropped waist/crotch and all over roomy fit”, I stuck to my usual principle of grading between these 3 areas.  
I cut out a size 4 top (38” to 39” bust), graded to size 5 waist (33” to 35”) and finally to a size 6 hip (45” to 46”).  And I have to say I think the fit is pretty good.  I probably could have got away with a size 5 hip but figured I could shave a bit off if needed.
I must admit I was a little bit nervous of the dropped crotch (Should a 45 year old be wearing dropped crotches!!!) but actually I really like it.  
Another feature I love about this pattern is the construction for the back.  The top is cut in 2 halves joined with a centre seam but with a diagonal bottom edge.  So when joined to the trousers it forms a really neat diagonal seam.  I think it’s the little details like this that make a pattern stand out and Marilla Walkers patterns are great for just this reason. 
Marilla Walker Roberts Collection Dungaress
Sewing wise the fabric handled like a dream, it’s always nice to sew with a good stable woven fabric.  I was a little concerned the seams may be a bit bulky as most seams are finished with a Flat Felled method.  So where one side of the seam edge is trimmed down and the other edge folded over encasing all raw edges, then top-stitched down.  It actually turned out fine, I just made sure to give the seams a really good press.  
I’m not going to lie, the fabric does crease a far bit after wearing, just like linen does but I’m fine with that.  Also the fabric does feel a little bit stiff to begin with but I’ve made a pair of trousers before in this type of fabric and over time it does tend to soften with washing and wear.  
This fabric really does lend itself well to trousers, I think some wide legged trousers would look fab in it.  Dress wise it wouldn’t be suitable for something floaty but I think it would make a lovely Fiona Dress by Closet Case Patterns.  It would also be perfect for a Utility style jacket,  basically anything where you would use a medium weight denim or cotton drill type fabric.
For the finishing touch I found some wooden buttons on my local market which I think look great against the green.  I’ve paired the jumpsuit with a pair of tan sandals for a dressier look although in reality I’m probably going to be wearing it with pumps for a super comfy outfit.
Marilla Walker Roberts Collection Dungaress
Thanks for reading and happy sewing.
Vicky (@sewlittlesparrow) xx