Sewing Plans- Freya's Dressmakers Ball Gown

Posted by Freya Gilbert
on March 10, 2019

The Dressmakers Ball is, at it's heart, an excuse to sew and wear a fabulous dress!

And I am going all in this year!  I'm talking a full, swishy skirt, sequins, heals, petticoat and more sequins on my handbag!  I can't wait!
 I didn't fancy making a whole dress of sequins, so I had a quick search on Pinterest and found some excellent separates inspiration, with a sequined top and plain skirt.  
the dressmakers ball crafty sew and so leicester event
I'm going to use the My Handmade Wardrobe 'Ready to Party Dress' as my base, and I was debating about using the beautiful plum or navy blue triple crepe along with the all over sequins we stock.  I settled on Navy in the end; I always love a blue dress.
My plan is to use a cropped version of the MHW Everyday Amazing Shift Top to wear with it.  I figure if I make a separate top I'm more likely to wear both garments again (maybe).  I'm going to use silver all over sequins and include the ruffle sleeve for some shimmy action.  I think I will need to fully line the shift top, for comfort, as sequins can be a little scratchy.  
the dressmakers ball crafty sew and so leicester event
I'm a size 4 in the My Handmade Wardrobe, with a 38" bust, 32" waist and 36" hip.  I'll be adjusting the bust point on the bodice of the Ready to Party dress, lowering it by about 1.5", other than that, I don't need to make any alterations on either pattern.
I'm so excited for the ball! It's coming up quickly now and I can't believe how many people are coming to party with us!  If you're coming, have you started planning your dress?  If you're not able to come, have you got any other events to dress up for this year? 
Find out more about the Dressmakers Ball here.  Tickets for the 2019 event are now sold out but we will be organising the event again for 2021! Why not sign up the the mailing list to be the first to know about future events?  
Freya x