DIY Hand sanitiser gel keyring case tutorial

Posted by Sarah Wadey
on November 08, 2020

Is this the perfect the perfect 2020 stocking filler or what?!


Make these cute and practical little Cases to fit most 50ml bottles of hand saniter and give them to all your loved ones this Christmas.

You will need: 

50ml hand sanitiser gel bottle

Scraps of fabric slightly larger than your bottle - you can mix and match making this a fabulous scrap buster! 

Prym plastic colour cam snaps are the ideal fastening but you could also use sew on poppers, velcro or a button and make a button hole in the tab before attaching. 

Optional: key ring 


The seam allowance is 6mm or 1/4 inch through out the projects unless stated otherwise.

1. Make a paper template - Draw around your bottle and Add 2 cm total to the sides tapering to 1cm at the bottom edge. Add 2 cm to the top edge and 1 cm to the bottom edge - these additions are to accommodate the depth and add seam allowance.

Cut 4 out of your fabric using this template

Cut 2 tab pieces measuring 5cm wide x 10cm long. Round off the corners at one end if you wish.

Cut a key ring loop measuring 7cm x 4cm

 2. Place the 2 tab pieces with RST and stitch around 3 edges leaving the bottom edge open. Clip into the curved SA or snip the top corners and turn through to the right side. 

3. Centre the tab on the top edge of one of the main panels with matching raw edges. 

4. Place a second main panel piece right side down over the first piece and pin

5. Using a 6mm/ 1/4 inch seam allowance, stitch along the top edge only. 

Repeat for the other 2 main pieces without the tab. 

 6. Make the key ring loop - fold the long edges in 1cm in each side then fold the whole pieces on half to enclose the raw edges. Stitch close to the open long edge to secure.

7. Open 1 set of joined pieces out flat. Fold the keyring loop in half and place along one of the side edges with the loop facing in towards the centre and the raw edges matched. pin in place. 

8. Open up the second set of joined pieces. 

9. Hem all 4 short edges - turn in 1 cm to the wrong side and stitch. 

10. Place the second joined panel over the first and pin the side edges, taking care to match the seam. 

 11. Sew the curved edges only, not the hemmed lining and outer opening edges. 

12. Turn the right way out and push the lining inside the outer

13. Add a popper to the tab and the top opening. I used Prym plastic cam snaps and Prym Love Vario pliers for this. 
Pop in your gel bottle and pop them on a keyring. 

I’ll be making some of these for Edith’s nursery assistants, my colleagues and neighbours.

A small gesture to say a big thanks for helping me through this year! 

Stay Safe and Happy Sewing! 

Sarah x