Tutorial - Zero Waste Festive Felt Crowns

Posted by Freya Gilbert
on November 07, 2022

Create Felt Crowns this Christmas with our Festive Tutorial

I've been having great fun at Crafty Sew & So making fabulous felt crowns for us all! They are simple enough to make with the whole family. You don’t need flimsy Christmas cracker crowns – you can adorn yourself with your own creations which will last for years to come.  And if you want to, you can get them out for any celebration throughout the year!

They have been designed to be almost zero waste, using up all the felt pieces you’ve cut from one coloured crown, to embellish another. This project works best if you are making 3 or 4 (or more) so you can mix and match the felt colours between the crowns for a bright, colourful look

What you need:

  • Two sheets of felt in different colours for each crown, around 30cm by 22cm
  • Fastenings: 50cm narrow ribbon OR 2 large buttons and 20cm narrow elastic
  • Optional: 30cm by 22cm midweight cotton woven interfacing,
  • Essential Sewing Kit
  • Sewing machine
  • Templates. - Template is available for free to newsletter subscribers.  Fill in the form at the bottom of the page to sign up!


  1. Optional – Before you cut out the template for the front of the crown A iron some interfacing onto one side of the felt, using a warm iron and an ironing cloth (be careful not to melt the felt!)
  1. Cut along the lines on your templates using your paper scissors, including cutting out the diamond shapes. Pin the templates to your felt pieces (photo 1). You will cut the front of the crown from one coloured sheet of felt (A)* and the back of the crown from the second colour (B). Use your sharp fabric scissors to cut the felt.
  1. Use a fabric marker pen to mark out the diamond shapes, and cut them out from the points of the front of your crown (A) (photo 2). Keep the felt diamonds to decorate another crown later.
  1. Overlap the short edges of the crown front A together, and pin them together. You will need to cut out a small bit of felt from inside the diamond where the pieces meet. Stitch the two layers of felt together on your machine, or by hand, using a co-ordinating colour thread (photo 3).With the two pieces of felt joined together, your crown will now fit around your head. *Top tip – always top stitch with the front side of your project uppermost as the stitch from the needle thread is usually neater than the bobbin stitch.
  1. Place the felt pieces for the back of the crown (B) over the pieces you have already joined and stitch all around the long edges of the crown close to the edge of the felt, and also around each diamond. (photo 4). (You can of course reduce the size of the crown to fit a child’s head and alternatively you can make the elastic fastenings longer to accommodate a larger head size)


  1. Machine or hand sew the diamonds to the positions marked on the template – along the lower band of the crown, on the front pieces A. (You can add other embellishments at this point if you want to!) Then trim the points of the crown to neaten them up.
  1. At the open short edges, attach your chosen fastening (photo 6).
    1. Sew small loops of elastic between the felt layers on one short side and attach buttons to the other side. OR
    2. Sew a length of ribbon to each side, lining them up evenly.
  1. Optional - add any additional embellishments! Buttons! Bells! Pompoms! Glitter! You really can add anything you like to make your crown sparkle! (But always be aware that buttons and pompoms can be a choking hazard if you are making them for under 3s to enjoy)


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