Festive Toddler Skirt Tutorial

Posted by Freya Gilbert
on November 17, 2018


This simple toddler skirt can be made in a couple of hours and works perfectly in festive fabrics to make a super cute skirt for Christmas Day!

toddler skirt tutorial

You will need:

  • 1 long quarter of craft cotton for your main fabric, I used a Christmas print!
  • 1 long quarter  of a craft cotton for the boarder, a plain works well.
  • 45-55cm of elastic
  • Basic sewing kit
  • Sewing machine



 Step 1

Measure the waist- this skirt is made to measure.  You can make a skirt for up to a 55cm waist from two quarters of fabric!

Cut the your main fabric in half so you have two pieces measuring 55cm by 25cm.  Then cut your boarder fabric into two pieces measuring 55cm by 20cm, making a notch at the centre points on the longs sides of the pieces.


Step 2

Sew one main piece to one boarder along a long edge using a 1cm seam allowance, and repeat with the other side.  Press the SA down to towards the boarder.  Attach front to back, using a pin to line up the stitching line.

Toddler Skirt Tutorial

Step 3

Press up the boarder hem 1cm, then fold up the whole boarder in half, matching the centre notches front and back and the side seams.  Pin and stitch in place close to the join, making sure to catch both layers of fabric.

Toddler Skirt Tutorial


Step 4

Fold down the waist band by 1cm, then another 2.5cm, and sew close to the folded edge, leaving a gap at the back to thread the elastic.  It can help children get dressed to put a little loop of ribbon at the centre back, though it isn’t essential in the skirt.

Toddler Skirt Tutorial

Step 5

Cut the elastic to the exact waist measurement and thread it through the tunnel created.  Making sure the elastic hasn’t twisted, close the loop with a couple of lines of zigzag stitches and stretch the elastic out to evenly distribute the fabric.  Sew the gap in the waistband closed.

Toddler Skirt Tutorial


And you're finished!

If you make this skirt, please share a photo of it with us on our Instagram or Facebook page!  We love seeing your makes!

toddler skirt tutorial