How I Get The Most Out of Dot and Cross Paper

Posted by Freya Gilbert
on August 21, 2018

We use dot and cross paper all the time at Crafty Sew & So, from drafting projects for workshops to drafting new styles of dresses for our latest My Handmade Wardrobe Pattern.  It's characterised by the 1" distributed dots and crosses, which help keep everything on track while tracing, designing or sketching.

We get our paper from the lovely team at William Gee, who have kindly send us a roll to help with our latest pattern development, but as a home dressmaker I use it too!  I find it is ideal for a selection of different jobs while working on personal projects at home.

dot and cross paper dressmaking sewing crafty sew and so

1. Tracing off Dressmaking Patterns

The weight of dot and cross paper is sturdy without being too heavy- I prefer it to the classic tissue paper as it doesn't tear easily, meaning it's ideal for preserving patterns you know you'll use again and again.

Plus you can use the marking on the paper to help transfer grainlines and foldlines with ease.

dressmaking patterns my handmade wardrobe crafty sew and so

2. Pattern Hacking and Adjustments

When I'm sewing for myself there are always things I'll tweak about a pattern- whether its making my standard sway back adjustment or changing a neckline.  The markings on dot and cross paper keep everything in line and help you to visualise how much your taking off or adding on.

dot and cross paper sewing dressmaking patterns crafty sew and so

3. Simple Pattern Drafting

I always use the whenever I want to sew a circle skirt or add one to a dress bodice and the dot and cross paper is perfect to quickly mark out your pattern pieces.  The paper from William Gee comes in two widths, so no matter how wide your skirts going to be, you will be able to fit the pattern piece on!


You can buy dot and cross paper in 10m rolls, which will last you a little while, and in various widths.  

Freya x