How to work out the Stretch percentage of knit or woven fabrics

Posted by Sarah Wadey
on July 05, 2021

Subscribers to our monthly fabric subscription, the Swatch List, have been learning how to choose, sew and care for Summery knitted jersey fabrics in this month's issue. 

We thought we'd share a snippet from the info-packed mini magazine with you - a handy guide to help you measure the stretch percentage of your fabrics . This works for woven stretch fabrics too! 

How to measure stretch percentage amount:

Some patterns will call for a specific amount of stretch in the fabric – for instance, leggings which require a tight fit but also need a fabric that will withstand a lot of stretching. Many websites now provide stretch percentages for their fabrics and it is something we are working on adding to all our listings.

To measure the stretch percentage of any fabric, take a cut edge of a piece measuring at least 30cm wide ideally and mark a 10cm piece of the fabric edge. 



Holding one mark at zero, stretch the other mark across a ruler.
If it stretches to 13cm easily it has 30% stretch, 15cm would be 50% stretch etc.


I hope you find this tip helpful next time your pattern calls for a specific stretch amount in the fabric. 

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