Learn to Sew with Crafty Sew&So - Threading up your machine

Posted by Freya Gilbert
on July 25, 2018

Lets get Sewing! Threading up your sewing machine is easy when you know how.


 In our blog today we're showing you how to thread up your sewing machine and wind the bobbin.  

We've used our best selling beginners machine, the Brother Innovis 15, for this demonstration but don't worry if your machine looks slightly different as threading up a sewing machine is similar on most machines.

We recommend using a good quality thread like Mettler Seralon all-purpose thread which will not fuzz or break, helping you to create your perfect first stitches!

Check out our website for the full Learn to Sew series and information about the workshops we run in our Leicester studio.

In our next post, I'll share our list of must have sewing tools with you!


Our Learn to Sew series is designed to encourage new sewers to feel confident at their sewing machines and teach the basics of sewing so anyone can have a go.  We have the same philosophy at Crafty Sew and So workshops.  If you would like to have a go at sewing with a little more help and support, why not come to one of our ‘Start as you Mean to Sew On’ workshops, or one of the Learn to Sew workshops in our studio, where we can answer questions and help you every step of the way.