New Sewing Toys- The Clover Quilting Stiletto

Posted by Freya Gilbert
on April 28, 2019

We always love the opportunity to play with new sewing tools!

We've been kindly sent a few new toys from the team at Clover to test out and play with.  Some of them are brand new to us, including this Stiletto tool, so I handed it over to our new quilting teacher, Elizabeth, to have a play with.  

Sewing tools Clover Hoof

The clover hoof tool is a combination of rubber hoof on one end and a stiletto point on the other, making it really versatile and a handy tool to have for quilting and applique projects.  

The rubber tip can be used with a hot iron without melting, perfect for turning fiddly corners or curves for appliqué, like on this heart.  It has a fine tip, making it a very precise tool to help achieve a super neat finish.

Clover Hoof Sewing Tools

The stiletto point can also be used to save your fingers when putting fabric under the sewing machine.  When you want to make sure fiddly applique doesn't move or stretch out while sewing, you can use the pointy end to hold it in place and get really close to the needle, without risking your fingers! Genius! 

Stiletto Sewing Tool

It's a really handy tool to include in your sewing kit, and we will be providing them on our quilting and patchwork workshops, so if you're coming to one of those you will have the chance have a play!

Another useful little tool we've been playing with is the Roll and Press tool.  I've used it to help press my pockets on my latest pair of jeans.  It's given a nice sharp finish and helps you to firm up and remove a little bulk behind the folds.  We've also been using it to help fold the My Handmade Wardrobe paper patterns! It’s very versatile!

Press and Roll Clover Sewing Tool

We hope you enjoy using these new tools which are available in store now! 

 Happy Sewing! 

Freya x