Pintuck Cami Sew-Along Part 1 - Making Precise Pintucks

Posted by Sarah Wadey
on September 19, 2020

Making neat and precise pintucks is easy with our step by step tutorial...

This tutorial is part of the Sew-Aling for our NEW Pintuck Cami Pattern. Buy your copy HERE!

1. Using a double thread and hand needle, Create tailors tacks to transfer the dots on the pattern to the fabric. To create tailors tacks, loosely stitch through the Paper and single layer of fabric a few times before removing the paper and cutting off the thread. 

2. Matching the notches in the top raw edge of the neckline, press the pintucks in place creating a sharp fold in the centre. Pin along the stitch line.
3. Sew the pin tucks, following the notches as a guide. Use a short stitch length (of approx.2mm) and do not back stitch at the end. Instead, leave long tail threads and using a needle pull these through to the wrong side of the fabric before tying them off securely. Finish by sewing a staystitsh along the top edge to secure the pintucks in place and stop the neckline from stretching. 
I hope this guide helps you create neat a precise pintucks. 
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Join us for part 2 of the sew along when we'll be looking at 2 ways to join the side seams - regular pressed open seams and French seams. 
Happy Sewing!
Sarah x