'Pleats Please' 30-minute Skirt Tutorial

Posted by Sarah Wadey
on September 13, 2020

I wore this skirt on a recent Mini-break to Edinburgh.  It was perfect for the occasion, allowing me to climb Edinburgh’s thousands of steps and eat a delicious 3 course meal in comfort and style!  


This skirt was super simple to make and took next to no time. I'll tell you how I made mine and maybe you might like to make one too! 

I used this fab shimmer pleated fabric from our range. 



The pleats run across the fabric and I wanted them to run down the skirt so I measured my hips and cut this measurement plus an extra 20cm for ease. I wanted as few seams as possible to create a streamlined look so I cut the fabric in half width wise to give me 2 panels measuring the hip measurement by about 70cm- the perfect midi length in me. I‘ll use the remnant of fabric for another project. Perhaps a little Party skirt for my daughter. 

As this fabric doesn’t fray there was no need to hem it- in fact I felt hemming it might stretch it out which would ruin the look I was going for. 
I found some fabulous rose gold Prym elastic a while back and it was perfect for this project. Any 2.5cm/1 inch wide plain elastic would also work. 

I sewed the skirt fabric into a tube leaving approx 35cm unsewn to create a split in the back. I made sure to back stitch at the top of the split to secure it and gently pressed the seam open. You need to use very little heat on this fabric and use only the nose of the iron to press the seams so as not to flatten the Pleats. 

I then cut the elastic to fit my waist plus 3cm for seam allowance and joined it to form a circle. 

Next, aligning the seam in the elastic with the seam in the skirt, I pinned then loosely hand-tacked the skirt fabric to the inside of the elastic.  I then zig-zag stitched the fabric to the elastic, pulling and stretching the elastic to fit as I sewed. 


Picture shows the inside of the skirt stitched to the inside of the elastic. 

This skirt was perfect for my first fun child-free night out in a long time with my husband!



This gorgeous pleated dusky pink fabric is available from our online shop here. I think this style would work equally well in a stretch velour for a simple and comfortable party look. 

Happy Sewing! 

Sarah x