Sew Yourself Happy!

Posted by Sarah Wadey
on January 17, 2021

Have you made any New Years Resolutions? This year I resolve to Sew Myself Happy! 

Especially as we’ve all given up a little too much already, this year I plan to make sustainable changes to my behaviour and make time to do new fun things using the New Year as a very good excuse! 

I don’t know about you but I’m always a bit fed up in January and this January is definitely no exception! However, over the years, rather than give in to my little grey cloud, I’ve learnt to plan a contingency for getting through it and that contingency is craft!

Here’s a few of my plans, perhaps you’ll find inspiration to Sew Yourself Happy too! 


Fill your home with handmade reminders of why you love sewing!

We’re all spending a lot more time at home, so surround yourself with your own make! These act as reminders of your own creativity and why you love sewing and should do it more!



For years I made the mistake of giving away most of my homemade makes as gifts but I started making more things for around our home, especially storage solutions, and they give me such pleasure to use everyday.

I can enjoy fabric that I love and design that fits the exact purpose it was created for. My most recent make is this pocket storage hanger which I made for my daughter. She loves tidying (gonna embrace that whilst it lasts!) and this gives her somewhere to put all her bits when she comes home - her shoes, gloves, hat… biscuit wrappers, Duplo… etc!



Do you have a task that you do every day that could be improved with a homemade solution?

Find or rediscover a cosy craft

A sense of dread set in as I neared the final episode of The Crown and I found myself a little distraught as to what would fill the gap in the evenings! I needed a craft I can do on the sofa, to spend a little social time with my husband! But one that isn’t to challenging or straining on the eyes after a long day in front of the screen.

So, I’ve decided to have a go at Tapestry. I’ve picked up a joyous kit from Hannah Bass on Not on the High Street with a message we can all relate to! I’m looking forward to stitching Rays of Hope in front of the next box set!


Image by Hannah Bass

I started this last night and I'm loving it already! Next on my list is the Hidden Hearts kit by The Bargello Edit


 Image by The Bargello Edit


If you’re looking for another yarny activity to keep those fidgety fingers entertained, why not give Crochet a go? Don’t just imagine snuggling up under your own handmade blanket – learn how to Crochet your own on our upcoming 4 week crochet course  

Image from Crafty Sew & So Crochet tutor Elizabeth 


Joining in or zoning out?

It’s pretty easy to feel a bit, well, left out at the moment especially. But it is important to remember that not everything has to be documented to matter, if you are feeling a bit socially frazzled, give yourself permission to fully zone out and take some time out from social media sharing.

When you’re feeling it again know that the sewing community will still be there to inspire, support and boost you when you need it.

You can join our Crafty Sew & Sos Community to share your project ideas, finished makes and WIPs and ask questions to the community – or just have a good old chatter!


If you are feeling like joining in a bit more, here are some lovely ways to connect with fellow creative minds!

The #Make Nine Challenge by @homerowfibreco on Instagram

This was started back in 2019 and has become a staple part of New Year planning for many makers! Set up by Lucky Lucille who now blogs as Home Fibre Row co.  as a motivator to look to the future and share nine projects you want to make in the new year.

This year I’m going to follow Rochelle’s Pro Tip and select types of projects or project themes, not necessarily specific patterns. I want to hone some skills this year and concentrate on slow making, attention to detail, perfecting pattern drafting and giving myself freedom to experiment!

I’m also gifting myself time, I’m not going to put pressure on myself to get my Make Nine list out there just yet, I’m going to take January to think through what I really want to learn and achieve through my projects and makes this year. Slow progress is still progress!

She has a great list of questions to get you thinking over on her site and I’m looking forward to using her handy planning sheets to map it all out!


Image by @misscoralmakes on Instagram – we love her clever way of illustrating her plans!


The #FeelingSewMuchBetter challenge by @SisterMintaka on Instagram

This, like many Instagram challenges, was set up by lovely like-minded makers to inspire and motivate you. The idea is you work on a sewing project, whether that’s garment making, quilting or something else, using any fabric you like. Take a look in your stash and see what you have! On Monday she asked us to share plans for the week. From Tuesday to Saturday, makers shared work in progress. Sunday is the final day and a chance to show off your new makes or if you don’t finish within a week, you can still share your work in progress on the Sunday.

This was a great boost to get started on a new project and we’ll no doubt see the #FeelingSewMuchBetter being used for a little while longer so if you need inspiration go check it out. And don’t worry that the challenge is coming to an end, you can join in and keep sharing as long as you want!  


@Oh_Sew_Kaddis on Instagram has definitely inspired me to make the Rosalee Dress by Experimental Space!


Live online workshops at Crafty Sew & So

Connect with fellow sewers and learn something new together! Many friends are using these classes as a great chance to virtually get together and do something fun! We’ve got classes for all levels of experience making all kinds of projects!

I love teaching these classes and I can’t wait to get back to it after short break over Christmas as I get to connect with like-minded craft lovers too!


Image from Zipped Make-up Bag workshop at Crafty Sew & So


I hope I’ve given you a few ideas to Sew Yourself Happy! Do you have any fun ways to stay connected, uplifted and inspired? I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Sewing!

 Sarah x