Tutorial - Aprons for All the Family

Posted by Freya Gilbert
on June 07, 2020

 This classic apron works perfectly in fun seasonal prints for the perfect cover to wear while preparing a special dinner. With a roomy pocket for essentials, and the option of long straps, it's practical and pretty. 

Apron Sewing tutorail

Download the PDF version or order the paper pattern from our online shop, and you can make handy aprons for all the family with this simple to use pattern, which is ideal for beginners.  The pattern includes all three sizes listed so you can make everyone matching aprons, or let them choose their own fabrics.

These aprons are perfect for baking, painting, gardening and crafts.  The pattern includes a large, roomy pocket to hold all your essentials while you work. And you can choose to make coordinating fabric straps or use premade webbing.

 All three sizes of the apron are made in the same way.

 You will need:


Fabric requirements in metres:

  • Toddlers Apron requires 60cm of 110cm/45” wide fabric
  • Kids Apron requires 75cm of 110cm/45” wide fabric
  • Adults Apron requires 1m of 110cm/45” wide fabric

Plus 50cm contrast fabric if desired.

For top stitching, I recommend using a stitch length of 3.5mm


Cutting Instructions:

First, cut out your pattern pieces - two straps for the waist, one for the neck, one pocket piece and one main apron from your fabric.

You can use all the same print or a contrast for the straps and pocket.  You could also choose to buy premade webbing for the straps, which is a faster option and less fiddly for beginners.

Apron tutorial sewing project


Make the Straps

1. Press the strap pieces in half, lengthways, and sew along the long side and ONE short side with a 1cm seam allowance. Turn out all three straps using a loop turner or knitting needle, and cut the end off the neck strap once turned through.

2. Press the straps flat, and top stitch around all the sides close to the edge of the fabric.

If you choose to use premade cotton webbing, you can skip these first steps.

Apron tutorial


Attaching the Straps

3. Press the curved side hems in towards the wrong side of the fabric 1cm and 1cm again and top stitch close the loose folded edge. The fabric will have some stretch in this curve, so carefully ease it in.

Apron sewing tutorial

4. With the apron front panel right side up pin the neck traps as shown below, being careful not to twist it. (PHOTO- edit as needed) Stitch close to the raw edge of the sides to hold in place, and sew a second line of stitching at the top near the fold.

5. Press side seams in towards the wrong side on the fabric by 1cm and then another 2cm, tucking in the strap so it’s caught between the apron and the fold. Pin in place and stop stitch down.

apron tutorial sewing project


Make and Attach the Pocket

6. Press the top edge of the pocket over 1cm and then 2.5cm. Pin and top stitch.

7. Press the other three sides of the of the pocket in 1cm and pin in place on the apron front.

8. Top stitch around the three sides of the pocket piece, and stitch a reinforcing triangle or bar tack at the top of the pocket on each side.

Apron tutorial sewing project


Finish the Aprons Hem

9. Press the bottom hem up 1cm and then 3cm. Pin and top stitch.


Finished apron - sewing tutorial

Photo copyright of Love Sewing Magazine.  This tutorial was originally published in Love Sewing in 2019.  All other rights below to Crafty Sew&So.

 And you're done! Pop it on and you're ready for your next baking project!