Tutorial - Fat Quarter Friendly Christmas Stocking

Posted by Freya Gilbert
on October 01, 2020

Sew everyone you love a beautiful Christmas stocking. When made with non-directional fabrics, you can make a stocking with just three fat quarters - making it a fast and simple sew.


Christmas stocking sewing tutorial

A handmade Christmas stocking that comes out year after year will soon become a tradition every kid and adult looks forwards too.  And the best thing is that they are pretty simple to make!  Beginner and experienced sewists alike will enjoy sewing one for their family and friends, plus it's a fantastic base for personalisation! Why not add their name in applique, or add trims, buttons or motifs to make it truly unique. 

This pattern has been designed to fit from fat quarters of fabric, but if your fabric has a printed pattern that only works in one direction, you will need a wider length.

 You will need:

-  Your pattern download or order a pre-printed copy straight to your door)

- 1 fat quarter of your main fabric

- 1 fat quarter for the lining

- 1 fat quarter for the cuff

- (Optional) 50cm x 50cm wadding

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Seam allowances are 1cm throughout the project.



Step One - Cut 1 pair stocking main in outer fabric, 1 pair stocking main in lining fabric and 1 pair stocking main in wadding. Then cut out 2 stocking tops and 1 hanging tab.

See the photo for how to cut 2 sides of the stocking from one FQ.

When you have cut out the stockings, they should be mirror images of one another like the bottom photo.

Step one christmas stocking tutorial


Step Two - Layer the stocking outers over the wadding panels – you may like to use some quilters spray glue to hold the layers together.

Then place 1 of the stocking cuffs on the stocking outer (with wadding) with right sides together at the top edge of the stocking. Pin and sew in place.

Flip the stocking cuff up and away from the stocking main piece and press in place, with the seam allowance pressed towards the stocking.


sewing tutorial christmas stocking


christmas stocking sewing tutorial


Step Three - Place one of the stocking linings on to the opposite side of the stocking cuff, with right sides together, ensuing the lining toe is pointing the same way as the outer toe, making a large ‘C’ shape. Pin and sew along the straight edge.

Flip the stocking cuff up and away from the stocking main piece and press in place, with the seam allowance pressed towards the stocking.


christmas stocking sewing tutorial


Step Four - Repeat steps two and three with the other fabric; the main fabric (with wadding), cuff and lining.


Step Five - Make your hanging loop by folding your fabric in half, lengthways, with right sides together and stitching down the long edge to make a tube. Trim the seam allowance down to half then turn the tube the right way out using a loop turner or large safety pin and press flat, so the seam sits in the middle of one flat side. Fold in half to make a loop.


sewing tutorial christmas stocking


sewing tutorial christmas stocking


Step Six - Layer one set of joined pieces right side up with the other set right side down, so right sides sit together. Use a long pin to make sure the seams match up neatly.

Continue to pin all around the stocking leaving a 10cm gap in the lining on one of the straight sides for turning the project through.

Insert your hanging loop to the cuff on the side of the main fabric or outer stocking, just above the seam. It should be on the same side as the heal of the stocking. The loop should be inside the layers, with the raw edges lining up.  Pin in place then stitch all around the outside of the layers with a 1cm seam allowance. Don’t forget to leave a 10cm gap and always back stitch at the start and end.

I like to use double pins either side of the gap I'm leaving as a reminder to myself to stop sewing it up! 

Christmas stocking sewing tutorial


Step Seven – To reduce bulk, trim away the wadding and extra seam allowances around the curves to approx. 5mm and then clip into them at approx 2cm intervals. This helps to create smooth curves when turned through. 

Christmas stocking sewing tutorial


Step Eight - Reaching through the gap you have left in the lining, turn the stocking the right way out and the push the lining in to the main fabric, making sure the toe goes right into the outer toe section.

Roll the seam allowances between your fingers to flatten then press. Close the gap in the lining by hand or by machine.

Christmas stocking sewing tutorial


Step Nine - Press the top edge of the cuff and fold the top over the main stocking.


Christmas stocking sewing pattern tutorial

And you’re finished! Hang that stocking by the fire (with care) - I am sure Father Christmas will be filling it up soon with all sorts of lovely treats!

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