Tutorial - Make a draw-string wash bag for your delicate garments

Posted by Sarah Wadey
on June 03, 2021

Learn how to protect your delicate garments with this easy up-cycling tutorial!

Subscribers to our monthly fabric subscription, the Swatch List, have been learning how to choose, sew and care for delicate, lightweight and slinky fabrics in this month's issue. 

Here's a handy tutorial to make yourself a useful wash bag for your delicate garments. We up-cycled old net curtains to make ours - the synthetic net fabric washes well on repeat and dries really quickly so it will be ready for the next wash in no time! We French Seamed the wash bag for durability. 

You will need: 

Lightweight washable fabric - 

Cut 2 pieces of fabric 35cmx28cm (14”x11”)

Sewing machine


Ribbon - Cut 2 pieces of ribbon or tape 65cm (25.5”) each 




1. Place the two pieces together with wrong sides together.

2. Measure 7.5cm (3”) down from the top and mark with a pin on both long edges. These indicate the start and stop points for your seams. Pin the lower sections of the side seams and the base of the bag.



3. Starting at the first pin 7.5cm (3”) from the top sew around the 3 edges using a 0.5cm (1/8”) seam allowance. Back stitch at the beginning and end with a couple of stitches to secure the threads.



4. Turn back the unsewn top section by 1cm (1/4”) to the wrong side and stitch in place.



If your fabric frays very easily you may want to zig zag over the raw edge.



Trim any stray threads from the seams at this point.


5. Turn the bag so the wrong sides are outermost and press the seams. Pin the sides to prevent movement. Starting at the folded edges sew in from the edge by 1cm (3/8”), leave the needle down and pivot by 90o before stitching down the side using a 1cm (3/8”) seam allowance. When you reach 1cm (3/8”) from the bottom pivot again. Sew the bottom seam, pivoting at the corner and sewing up the side until you reach the folded edge. 



As on the first side, pivot and sew to the edge of the fabric, encasing the raw edges.



6. Fold the top edge (short side) of each piece by 1cm (3/8”) and press. Then fold the top down and line it up with the top of the side seam to form the channel for the ribbon. Stitch close to the edge of the channel.



7. Using a safety pin or bodkin, thread the ribbon through the channels and knot the ends together. Thread the second ribbon through in the opposite direction so the knot is on the other side.



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