Tutorial - Make Cute Bunny Bunting

Posted by Freya Gilbert
on March 18, 2018

Decorate for Easter with our super quick and fun tutorial!

It's not long now until we celebrate Easter. As well as devouring chocolate eggs and bunnies why not try getting crafty this Easter and make your very own Bunny Bunting! Grab yourself some fat quarters and download our cute bunny template (below).

Decorate your home this Easter with this fantastic Bunny Bunting designed and made by our fantastic DMU Textiles degree student helpers Laura and Ellie. This lovely garland brings a much needed touch of warmth to the colder days and looked adorable adorning Crafty Sew & So's window.

bunny bunting easter crafts sewing tutorial crafty sew and so

To make twelve bunnies you will need:
Downloadable Bunny Template-  see bottom of the page.
4 fat quarters of coordinating printed cotton fabric
1/2 metre Medium Weight Interfacing 
Erasable pen or chalk (I love Frixion pens)
12 Pom Pom's
Wooden pegs
Pinking shears
Sewing Machine, or needle and thread

Step One
Iron on your interfacing to the wrong side of your chosen pieces of  fabric, and pin the fabrics together, wrong sides together.

Step Two
Now cut out your bunny template and  use an erasable marker to draw the outline of your template on to the right side of the layered material. I love Frixion pens, they're essentially regular writing pens but can be ironed away.  You might want to pin the ears down as they can wobble about a little. Unpin the Bunny and re-pin the 3 layers of material together without the paper template.
Step Three
Now comes the sewing bit! Using a zigzag stitch, sew slowly around the outline. Don't worry about it being too neat.

Step Four
Next iron away the pen markings, if you used a FriXion pen. Now cut out the bunny with pinking shears, being careful not to cut through any of your stitch lines.

Step Five
Using fabric or pva glue stick on a pom-pom onto one side of the bunny.  Now you have a cute little Easter decoration. Repeat with the remaining material.

Finally attach the bunnies to a length of twine. I liked using mini pegs but you can just as easily sew them on. Alternatively you can hide them in the garden or about the house for a fun Easter day hunt.

bunny bunting tutorial crafty sew and so sewing

Have a very Happy Easter from everyone at Crafty Sew & So

Rebekah x



Template -

easter bunny bunting tutorial craft sewing crafty sew and so