What is Oeko-tex fabric?

Posted by Sarah Wadey
on June 24, 2020

How eco-friendly is your fabric?

These days we all strive to be a little bit more aware of where our products have come from, but often it’s hard to find out what the environmental impact of manufacturing a product has been. 

Manufacture of any new product or material has an environmental impact, but there are cases where this impact has been carefully considered in the manufacturing process and the impact on the end user is clarified through certification. 

Oeko-tex is a product label is given to fabrics that have been tested for potentially harmful chemicals during the manufacturing process. 

You can find out if a product is Oeko-tex certified by looking for the label on bolts and in the product listings online. 


The Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex aims at making it obvious to consumers that the labeled textile products have undergone laboratory testing for a wide range of harmful substances, and that the content of those substances remains below the limit values established by the Oeko-Tex Association.

As a creative Mum I love making lots of lovely things for my daughter. I am very reassured by the Oeko-tex labelling which clearly indicates the fabrics do not contain harmful substances. Which is a great weight off my mind. 

We also stock a small, but increasing, range of organic jerseys. Our latest range is the Tilly and the buttons single jersey range by Craft Cotton co.

We are really excited that suppliers are prioritising and clarifying the traceability of the fibres and dyes used to make the fabrics they offer us.  We are working hard to move towards all of our jersey fabrics being traceable and tested for harmful substances by working closely with our trusted suppliers.

We'd love to hear what eco-credentials are important to you when selecting fabrics so do get in touch! 

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