Do Something AMAZING in January - Make Jeans with the Experts!

Posted by Sarah Wadey
on November 27, 2019

If you have ever wanted to truly love an item of clothing you have made then you need to make your own jeans! 

There is nothing quite like it- selecting all the details from stitch colour and pocket designs to the denim, internal linings and trims to truely personalise your densign. 

Every time you slip on your own handmade jeans you will feel like a sewing superhero! That's why I'm onto my 6th pair and counting! 

Why should I come to a Crafty Sew & So workshop to make my own jeans?

There is a reason why the thought of making trousers strikes fear into even the most experienced of dressmakers- the fitting! It is near to impossible to fit your own trousers perfectly, you need someone else to be able to take a step back, analyse the draglines, folds and balance from a distance, then pin and mark the alterations required - something which is very tricky to do on yourself without distorting the garment's seams. Or pinning your own delicate skin!

In the workshop, you will get hands-on help every step of the way, including reminders to stop and try on the garment to check the fit- which is often easily forgotten in the dizzy excitement to finish your first pair of jeans!  

We will help you to analyse the fit, allowing you to make a measured judgement about any fit alterations which may need to be made, note these in a clear and understandable format and transfer any alterations to the pattern so that when you come to make another pair the fit will be much closer to perfect! 

We can also bring our wealth of personal experience to the room and share top tips to ensure making your jeans is an enjoyable and fulfilling experience! 


What else can I expect to find at a Jeans making workshop that I might not have at home? 

Apart from the expertise of our tutors, you will also benefit from having the correct tools to hand including fabric punches for making holes for rivets, overlockers to achieve a professional and hard-wearing finish, powerful machines with the correct needles, threads and settings ready to go!

You'll also enjoy plenty of space in the gorgeous loft-style studio at Create Studios. We'll bring everything you need including large cutting and sewing tables, top of the range Brother sewing machines, Prym tools and top quality YKK zips, Metler thread and Prym hardware. 

... and of course, there is nothing quite like sewing with a group of likeminded creative souls - a whole weekend sharing inspiration and socialising with fellow sewists, it’s bliss! 

Sew, what are you waiting for... book your place on our Jeans Making Weekender now!