Meet our Tutors - Tracy Corns - Our Crafty Queen of Sewing!

Posted by Sarah Wadey
on April 10, 2019

At Crafty Sew&So we pride ourselves on delivering top quality workshops delivered by our knowledgable, friendly and enthusiastic tutors! 

We thought we'd share a little about them and find out their top sewing tips starting with Tracy Corns, our all-around guru of sewing! 

Tracy runs an embroidery and sewing business called “Sew Nothing's Impossible” and she teaches sewing at a range of venues in Leicestershire. Tracy has been sewing since childhood and loves making unique items, using beautiful fabric combinations.

Tracy has been teaching at Crafty Sew&So since 2016 and runs the Tuesday night Sewing Club along with teaching many of our dressmaking, homewares and private lessons. 

"I love sewing because it allows me to make clothes that really fit and not be the same as the masses on the high street."

Tracy’s Top 5 Sewing tips:

  1. To keep the seam allowance straight don't look at the needle, concentrate on keeping the raw edge of the fabric on the line you have chosen on the stitch plate.
  1. Do press seams as you go, this makes the difference between homemade and handmade. 
  1. My favourite tool is my seam gauge, I use it for not just turning hems but also checking which line I need to follow on my stitch plate measuring from the needle across. 
  1. Invest in good pins, make sure they are sharp.
  1. Unpicking is part of sewing, make sure your seam ripper is sharp and has a comfy handle.

Next, we'll meet our Quilting tutor, Elizabeth!