New year, New workshops at Crafty Sew&So!

Posted by Sarah Wadey
on December 30, 2018

We’ve got some brand new workshops in store for 1019!

Earlier this year we did a shout out on our social media channels to ask you to share your thoughts about our workshops to help us put together an exciting timetable of activities for you all for the New Year. 

Your feedback was pretty conclusive and you told us that you want more intermediate dressmaking workshops including patterns for a wide range of sizes, new on-trend craft tasters and lots more of the same wonderful workshops we’ve been running this year too!  Well, we’re really happy to be able to deliver a wonderful timetable for the New Year! 

We are really excited about all the new workshops to get you inspired!  Workshops for January through March are available to book online now so save your spot now and get crafty with us in 2019! 

New dressmaking workshops: 

Basic Pattern Grading

If you’re always finding yourself just smaller or just a little larger than the standard sizes available in commercial dressmaking patterns, this is the workshop for you!  We’ll show you some basic methods for grading up or down, one or two sizes.  With this handy skill, you’ll never be limited by pattern choices again.

This workshop is also ideal for people who constantly find themselves between sizes, as we will cover grading between sizes too.

new dressmaking workshops at crafty sew and so

Fitting the Bust- SBAs and FBAs

Most patterns are drafted to a bra cup size B or C, making fitting a challenge if you don’t fit in to that bracket.  Let us show you how to create more, or less, space in the bust of a standard darted bodice.  This hands on technique based session will show you the steps needed to help you get the right fit on your next dressmaking project.

Intermediate dressmaking: Pick a Pattern

In this new workshop for dressmakers with some experience, you can pick any pattern from our range to make with expert tuition.  You can come and pick our brains and get help with any specific techniques including pattern adjustments, specific finishes and use of sewing machine feet, overlockers and any other specialist equipment.  Where we can, we’ve included patterns for ladies, men and children in a wide range of styles and sizes, so there’s something for everyone! 

We'll be running this workshop every last Sunday of the month.

One Day Dressmaking Workshops

We’ve also altered our One Day Dressmaking workshops slightly.  Rather than working on a set pattern, you can now pick from a small number of patterns from range around a specific theme.  For example, in the Simple Dress or Top Workshop, you can choose from the Scout Tee, the Stevie Top or Dress or Everyday Amazing Shift Dress.  This means we can concentrate on techniques specific to that garment of fabric type with patterns in a variety of styles to suit all tastes and ages.   It also allows us you widen then size availability to UK sizes 8-28. Join is for Dressmaking: Sewing with Jersey Dressmaking: Simple Woven Top and Dressmaking: Simple Dress 

 new sewing dressmaking workshops at crafty sew and so

We hope to see you on one of our fab new workshops in 2019!