Introducing Our New Digital Course - Sew a Cardigan on Your Overlocker

Posted by Freya Gilbert
on April 14, 2022

You can sew a cardigan at home with our new course!



This video course features a series of in-depth videos to help you to learn how to sew a classic, edge to edge cardigan on your overlocker.  The PDF pattern for the cardigan is included along with written instructions too.  Over 6 lessons we will guide you through using your overlocker to make a garment.  

Time to sew - 3 Hours

Lessons Included

  • Welcome
  • Preparing your pattern and fabric
  • Attaching the Pocket
  • Attaching the shoulders and sleeves
  • Side Seams, Cuffs and Hems
  • Attaching the Neckband
  • What next?


 This cardigan pattern has been a firm favourite for a long time.  We've been using it in workshops and we're very pleased to be releasing it for you to sew at home.

The Edge to Edge cardigan has no buttons, but features large pockets and a comfortable hip length style.  Easy to wear, you can throw this cardigan over any outfit for an easy extra layer.

Now available as a digital course with a pattern to sew at home, we know you're going to love sewing this pattern as much as we do!


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