Getting Crafty with Happy Fabrics

Posted by Freya Gilbert
on August 12, 2018

Sarah and I hopped on a train on Thursday evening to visit London and go to a party.  Not any old party, a Craft Party- which we all know is the best kind!  We we're invited along to by Marnie from Happy Fabrics who we met at the Handmade Fair back in May.  

Not any old party, a Craft Party- which we all know is the best kind! 

The party was at Tea and Crafting in Covent Garden where Kate runs fun workshops and craft parties like ours.  Kate has the cutest studio space, which was filled with balloons and cake and prosecco and craft supplies. We were joined by other crafty ladies, including Emily from Self Assembly Required, Claire from Clairabelle Makes and  Zeena from HeartZeena. We loved the chance to get in a room with other creatives and just have fun.

crafty sew and so happy fabric craft party

Marnie had brought along what looked like the entirety of her supplies cupboard for us to play with.  It included all colours and types of vinyl, templates, pre-cuts and press cutters, giving us total free reign.

Happy Fabrics sell an amazing range of iron on vinyls, along with cutters and heat presses, most of which Marnie had brought along too. We spent a happy couple of hours cutting and sticking- it's such a simple craft but so effective!  

crafty sew and so happy fabric craft party

Marnie runs the social media accounts and if you follow her on Instagram you'll find her making a fantastic array of projects with their equipment and tools.  She makes it look easy, but even a total beginner like me (and one with no artistic skills) was able to create fun finished makes in no time!  The heat press was amazing- it made attaching the vinyls so quick!

crafty sew and so craft party happy fabric cake

We got an amazing goodie bag full of vinyls and handy tools to help us carry on creating at home.

We'd love to have Marnie come and run a workshop at Crafty, you can use heat vinyls to decorate tote bags, t-shirts, baby clothes, bunting, cushions- anything you can imagine!  Would you be interested in coming along? Let us know! We promise we'll have cake!


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