Memories from the Ballroom: The Dressmakers Ball Catwalk Competition 2017

Posted by Freya Gilbert
on September 02, 2018

In the run up to the Dressmakers Ball 2019 we thought it would be fun to share some memories from the last ball with you. Bekki shares her experience from the judges table.. 

At the Dressmakers Ball in 2017 I was asked to be on the judging team for the competition! And I felt totally out of my depth!

I had only been sewing since Crafty Sew & So opened 18 months before, but we needed a rep from Crafty to be on the team, so I volunteered.  Luckily, everyone else on the team were total sweet hearts and I focused on picking the dresses and accessories I simply liked the most. 

the dressmakers ball crafty sew and so leicester event

The rest of the judging team was made up from ladies I’d only met through Instagram and sewing blogs, so I was a little intimidated to be sat with them.  Luckily, as often happens in the sewing world, they we’re super welcoming and I soon relaxed in to the evening. 

In the City Rooms, the Ball Room certainly added to the sense of occasion, the ball room is classically decorated, with ornate paintings, high ceilings and a grand piano sat proudly in the corner.  It was the perfect setting for the beautiful ladies in handmade gowns to show them off.    Each one walked down the cat walk along the centre of the room and gave a twirl as Gabby from the band read out what they were wearing.  Gabby helped make the catwalk the highlight of the evening.  

the dressmakers ball crafty sew and so leicester event

We were a little overwhelmed by how many people signed up to the competition, so it took a while longer than expected for everyone to walk the room.  The standard was pretty wonderful too.  People had put a lot of effort in to sewing their dresses, or the accessory they were wearing.  Even the simplest of garments were sewn in beautiful fabrics with great care.

The catwalk featured sewers of all abilities, there was a prize for sewers who had been making their own clothes for less than 2 years and those who has been sewing longer.  The more advanced dressmakers did not disappoint. Of course, lots of sewers added pockets to their creations.

the dressmakers ball crafty sew and so leicester event

The ladies had made so many different styles of dresses.  We saw stunning a sleek red number, followed by a 1950’s style with wonderful ‘poofed’ out skirts.  There we’re ladies who had done their own twist on things and combined jumpsuits and capes.  Some ladies had accessorised with handmade handbags and hats, the perfect finishing touch to an RTW garment.

By the end of the catwalk we we’re all feeling inspired and impressed, what a wonderful display of the talent and passion that we have in our sewing community.  It was an honour to be able to give out awards to those who had worked so hard on their outfits.  Of course, it would have been ideal to be able to give everyone there a prize.  They all certainly deserved one.

Rebekah x

the dressmakers ball crafty sew and so leicester event



We will be running the catwalk competition again at the next ball, including categories for New and Experienced Dressmakers, Men and Accessories.

  We hope you want to join in and show off your beautiful outfit, but there is no pressure and you can simply enjoy watching other people if you choose.  

Tickets to the Dressmakers Ball can be purchased here from the 3rd September 2018