Welcome to the New Crafty Sew & So HQ!

Posted by Sarah Wadey
on November 22, 2020

We’re in! And we love our new studio!

Thanks to some amazing teamwork, we shifted all our stock, kit and storage over in one morning last Tuesday and we were set up and ready to start processing orders the very same day! WOW! We’re still working out of a few boxes but everything is going really well and it feels like home already!



We’ve decided to take a leaf out of “The Home Edit” book and zone everything! I’ll share more with you over the next few weeks on Instagram but it’s all zoning very nicely so far!

So, Where is Crafty HQ?

Our new home is in The Churchgate Artist Studios, which were established just this year, with the aim to provide great value spaces to nurture “Creativity @ the heart of the city”

The Owners also founded StudioName and are successful artists themselves.  



In just a few months they have created wonderful, functional spaces to work in to help so many creative businesses thrive at a very difficult time.  

We’re delighted to share the building with some amazingly talented indie designers and artists.

Taynee Tinsley is an inspirational body positive artist, mum of 3 and the most warm and welcoming person who I can’t wait to spend more time with. 



I’ve already jumped on the chance to collaborate with Jen from Wren and Wilson. If you’re signed up to receive the December Sew Hayley Jane Luxury box you’ll get a little treat from her in there! I’m a big fan of her illustration style and have several of her jewellery designs!



Nicky from Silly Girl Club has forgiven me for pouncing on her at the gates the first time we came to view the studio – she looked too cool to not be one of the artists working there! She has been so welcoming, and I can’t wait to work with her! We’ve already started discussing the possibility of running workshops together and I am so excited!



We’re also excited to be in the same creative space as fabulous typography illustrator Lesser than Three, super talented woodwork artist The Archist and so many more!

Being surrounded by successful creative businesses is so energising! Freya shares my excitement too!  

“My favourite thing about the new studio is having other awesome indie businesses as our new neighbours. I’ve known Wren and Wilson for a few years, worked with Lesser Than Three to run workshops at the old shop and admired Silly Girl Club from afar for a couple of years. Having these creative women, plus others we’re getting to know, in the same building is like a hub of creativity and awesomeness.”



We hope that in the new year we can do open days and fairs and lots more collaborations together.

I can’t wait to get cracking on all the creative projects we’ve been scratching the surface of. Patterns for the My Handmade Wardrobe Patterns range, our new subscription service The Swatch Club and lots more creative workshops are on my project list!

The rest of the Crafty team are super excited about the new opportunities the move will allow us the explore too!

Kim is looking forward to creating fun and colourful content for our social media “the space and being surrounded by creativity is very inspiring.”

Her favourite thing about the new studio is the wall we will be using for photoshoots. We are so happy we can create a really practical workspace that allows us to do everything from one place, including our garment photoshoots! 

Freya is on Maternity leave at the moment, but I can’t wait for her to come in and see the new studio in 3-D (we’ve been sending her lots of photos!)

She says, “I’m super excited to spend more time on projects I’ve wanted to work on for a while, building our community and planning events like Crafty Sewing Camp, developing the sewing kits and patterns range, spending time making online content and spending time with you digitally in workshops.

We don’t know what the new year will bring but we’re setting ourselves up for a good one no matter what!”



We hope you'll follow us on Instagram as we settle into our new space!

Happy Sewing!

Sarah and all of team Crafty!