Workshops are back at the Crafty Sew & So studio!

Posted by Sarah Wadey
on June 15, 2021

We're pleased to announce the return of in person workshops at Crafty in our Makers Yard studio

Since we first opened for business in 2015 we have enabled so many people to discover a passion for sewing! 

With the Return of the great British sewing beeand the easing of lockdown meaning that we are able to get out and about a little more to enjoy exploring new hobbies, we have had lots of enquiries about sewing workshops in our lovely new studio.

Our business model has changed, our focus has shifted to online retail and open day events and we can’t run short workshops in the same way as we used to in our old premises but I have been looking very carefully at how we can bring you into our studio to learn to sew with us.


Learn to sew with us on a Full Day workshop in the Crafty Studio!

This full day class is ideal for anyone at the start of their sewing journey.

The beginners class will cover everything that we normally include in our Start As You Mean To Sew On class in the morning and then in the afternoon you’ll complete a fun shopping bag project which will equip you with all the skills you need for many more exciting projects.

We'll start at the very beginning with a full run through of the parts of the sewing machine, what equipment you need (and don't need!) and how to set up the machine and your workspace ready to sew.

We'll help you create your very first stitches and over the course of the day you will complete several projects which will equip you with all the skills you need for your next sewing projects! 

What will we make in the class?

In the morning we will take you through our full Start As You Mean To Sew on workshop. See details of the online version of this workshop here 

In the afternoon you will create a useful shopping bag to carry your sewing kit or store projects in.  



How does the "show of interest" booking reservation system work?

This FREE listing is a show of interest reservation. We need to have at least 3 participants for each class to go ahead so we are asking you to show your interest in a workshop on a particular day of the week and we will contact you to confirm a suitable date. This should be in the next 2-3 months. If there are any dates you know you cannot do please put these in the comments box at the checkout. 

The cost of the beginners full day class is £80 and this includes all your materials and teaching in a small group with an experienced, knowledgable and friendly tutor. This will be invoiced when the date of the workshop has been confirmed and must be paid in order to secure your place our the workshop. 

I don't have a sewing machine, can I still come?

You can choose to use our studio machines (limited availability) or bring your own machine, just choose the appropriate listing option. Everything else including equipment and materials will be provided. 



Following this beginners class, you can join us for Crafty Sundays, our monthly group sewing sessions in the studio! Bring your own projects and spend the day immersed in creativity!

We hope you will love the opportunity to learn to sew with us in the Crafty Sew & So studio.

Book your place on the next course now! 


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