Crafty Sew & So 'Learn to Love Your Overlocker' Paperback Book

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Do you want to learn how to use your overlocker to its full potential? 

We know that overlockers can seem scary, even once once you’ve mastered a sewing machine, there are so many more dials and threads and buttons on an overlocker, not to mention the knife, and it’s often quite intimidating to anyone sitting down at an overlocker for the first time. 

Even if you have gotten to grips with the basic functions, are you truly 

getting the most out of this fantastically versatile machine? There is so much that overlockers can do, but it is so easy to get stuck in the rut of simply using yours to just finish edges. 

Through this book, we will take you step by step through the process of getting to know every facet and feature on your overlocker and how to use them to control and create the stitch or effect you need. 

We wrote this book to accompany our Learn to Love Your Overlocker online course. As part of our research, we read and referenced a number of overlocker manuals. Although many provided a lot of practical advice about setting up and using the overlocker, we know you learn by doing so we saw an opportunity to provide desirable skill packed projects to cement your learning whilst having lots of fun making lovely things!

We’ve also included anecdotes about using the overlockers that many other manuals don’t; because things don’t always go to pan and we are all in this together, mistakes (or learning opportunities as we like to call them) and all! 

We've taken everything we know after teaching overlocking classes for seven years and put it all into this ultimate Overlocking eBook. 

Our eBook is a fantastic resource, providing a comprehensive self-led course that you can follow at your own pace. 

The 115-page book includes four sections and six fun projects, with variations, to help you build your confidence and learn new skills as you practice.  

Content is split into 4 sections: 

  1. Get to Know Your Machine
  2. Creating Your First Stitches
  3. Using what you have learnt
  4. Simple Overlocked Projects

Projects included in the eBook:

  1. Draw String Bag
  2. Reusable Make-up Wipes
  3. Jersey Cowl Scarf
  4. Beanie Hat
  5. Jersey Headband
  6. Handkerchiefs with rolled hems

Full scale templates are included. 


This book can be used as a comprehensive course in overlocking or you can use this book as a reference guide to trouble-shoot your overlocker issues. You might prefer to choose a more practical approach, using this book to learn through completing inspiring, skills focussed projects which will see you creating the overlocked items you’ve been dreaming about, in no time at all! 

We hope you enjoy using this book to help you grown in confidence to get the most out of your overlocker and make it your go-to machine for every project! 


This book was written at the same time as we produced and delivered our Learn to Love your Overlocker online course. The 5 week online course took learners step by step through the process of getting to know the overlocker, from unboxing to first stitches and beyond with a comprehensive library of videos supported by live projects, Q+A and troubleshooting sessions hosted by Freya and Sarah. The course was huge success and we look forward to running it again very soon! To find out more and join the waitlist click here 


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