Anti-Racism Policy

Draft Anti-Racism & Anti-Discrimination Policy

We recognise that discrimination against black and other minority groups is still happening today. Crafty Sew&So is committed to being an anti-racist and anti-discriminative business; we are always willing to listen and to learn. 


Crafty Sew&So stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. 

These are just some of the things Crafty Sew&So is going to do:

  •  We will use our platform to speak out against racism, discrimination and inequality of all types as well as those issues specific to the sewing community.
  • In any opportunity to grow our Crafty Sew&So team, either our employees, our bloggers club or our partnerships, we will ensure that any recruitment processes we use take into account diversity
  •  We will make sure that we reflect the true diversity of our sewing community when it comes to sharing our amazing makers across our social media platforms
  • We will continue to stock sewing patterns, haberdashery and sewing themed gifts from small businesses in the black and minority communities and from those businesses that are also actively making their businesses inclusive to all. We’ll also look to offer opportunities to the new brands we discover in these communities too in order to stock the most diverse range of designers and makers possible.
  • We will share anti-racism and discrimination resources within the Crafty Sew&So team in order to continue to educate our team on anti-racism & anti-discrimination

We welcome any feedback or recommendations.